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  • mock-request A simple testing tool for mocking HTTP sequences of request / response pairs in node.js
  • npm-registry An high available npm registry client
  • multimeter-stack render multiple progress bars (and stacks) at once on the terminal
  • bigpipe Bigpipe a radical new web framework for Node.js that's inspired by Facebook's bigpipe concept.
  • fgnpmr For those special times when replicating npm just won't cut it
  • broadway Lightweight application extensibility and composition with a twist of feature reflection.
  • nodejitsu-npm a simple utility to setup your nodejitsu private npm!
  • system.json Package management for any OS with semver, JSON, configuration and friends.
  • roadmap A roadmap generation quine powered by Github
  • winston-redis A fixed-length Redis transport for winston
  • containerization Front-end code containization through iframes
  • assign Map/Reduce promise like returned API -- Really not way to properly describe this module..
  • loggly A client implementation for Loggly cloud Logging-as-a-Service API
  • vows Asynchronous BDD & continuous integration for node.js
  • aeternum A process monitor in libuv
  • winston-loggly A Loggly transport for winston
  • composer-api composer API client wrapper
  • nodejitsu-api nodejitsu API client wrapper
  • forza A lightweight agent for Godot
  • parsifal A pure JavaScript port of jQuery's .val() method.
  • and 112 more

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