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  • youtube-api A Node.JS module, which provides an object oriented wrapper for the Youtube v3 API.
  • johnnys-weather Yahoo weather API wrapper for node
  • bible.js The Bible as a NPM module.
  • function-graph Easily draw function graphs via NodeJS in Terminal.
  • jsfiddle-api JSFiddle API for NodeJS
  • webcam-snow An application that uses the web camera and the hand movements changing the snow direction in the page.
  • csv-to-array A small NPM library for converting CSV files to JSON arrays.
  • overlap Overlap two strings that contain new lines. Useful for ASCII drawings, for example.
  • jasciimo create awesome ascii art with javascript! works in node.js or the browser.
  • image-to-ascii Node.js module that converts a PNG image to ASCII art.
  • johnnys-node-static-test Test application for Johnny's node static.
  • ascii-frames Create ASCII animations in Terminal using ASCII frames.
  • couleurs Convert any string to the nearest Terminal color using x256 library.
  • mono-crud NodeJS CRUD module for Mono
  • yahoo-messenger A NodeJS application based on the yahoo-messenger-api module:
  • happy-birthday-gabriel A NPM module for Gabriel's birthday
  • googleapps-grant-access Grant access to Google applications
  • joapp A collection of small scripts that help you a lot when you create a new web application.
  • johnnys-node-static My own version of node-static based on the original Node module.
  • johnnys-terminal A NodeJS based terminal that runs in browser as a local server.
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