Packages by isaacs

  • udp The correct name for Node.js's `dgram` module.
  • node
  • node-date
  • tap A Test-Anything-Protocol library
  • csrf-lite csrf protection for framework-less node sites
  • npm-docsite A website that serves the docs of npm packages.
  • npm-cache-dir I am checking and creating npm's cache dir
  • pingme Super simple HTTP server that can be easily pinged so that Nagios et al can know your stuff's healthy.
  • templar A lightweight template thing
  • tap-consumer A module for consuming TAP output
  • minimatch a glob matcher in javascript
  • fstream Advanced file system stream things
  • npm-fullfat-registry Make a registry with all attachments intact
  • rimraf A deep deletion module for node (like `rm -rf`)
  • uid-number Convert a username/group name to a uid/gid number
  • parse-json-response Gather up a JSON response from a server, and call the cb
  • fstream-npm fstream class for creating npm packages
  • tap-runner A module for running all the tests in a directory
  • cluster-callresp A call-and-response message passing system for node's cluster builtin
  • fstream-ignore A thing for ignoring files based on globs
  • and 103 more

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