Packages by itsjoesullivan

  • bld manifest-based builds
  • doro
  • get-set Set, get, on, trigger. My basic model toolkit.
  • js-csi CSI ANSI escape codes
  • js-vim A JavaScript implementation of the vim text editor
  • js-vim-command Vim command parser
  • js-vim-commands Vim command parser
  • js-vim-embed Embed vim on any web site
  • js-vim-node js-vim exposed as a node CLI
  • mauve Does what colors does, except with hex values boiled down to xterm colors
  • stat-bang Tool for managing markdown/html/etc content for my/your personal site
  • terminal-diff A tool for keeping track of what is on your terminal screen
  • terminal-keys Set up keystrokes in terminal
  • terminal-ui A method of printing to the terminal
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