Packages by jakeluer

  • tea-ms Basic time conversations for node.js and the browser.
  • supercouch Super duper CouchDB driver for node and the browser.
  • folio Tiny static javascript build and serve utility.
  • jq Server-side jQuery wrapper for node.
  • apollo Actor systems for Javascript
  • gaia-hash Hash tables for javascript.
  • codex Static site and code documentation generator.
  • tea Common object utilities.
  • tea-concat A must faster concat for Arrays
  • breeze-asyncify Make a syncronous function asyncronous.
  • readdir-stream Recursively read a directory and stream stats objects.
  • seed-mongodb Seed storage for MongoDB
  • kettle a scrolling content widget based on drag.js
  • comm Rust-inspired communication primitives for asyncronous message passing.
  • katu Backbone style routing for Connect.
  • pcrypt Password salt/hash encryption and comparison using pbkdf2.
  • breeze-auto Invoke async functions concurrently based on prerequisites.
  • fbagent Thin, stateless Facebook Graph wrapper.
  • contraption Finite State Machines for node.js and the browser.
  • chai-stats Statistical and additional numerical assertions for the Chai Assertion Library.
  • and 92 more

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