Packages by jakobm

  • jsonrpc-http-client-browserify A JSONRPC client for browserify
  • connect-rewrite Authentication library for node
  • locke-client ...
  • chalcogen Runs mocha tests using selenium
  • locke-store-mem An in-memory implementation of a locke storage
  • manikin-mem Data model abstractions in-memory
  • bucketful-loopia Loopia DNS-plugin for bucketful
  • confirm Command line confirmation tool
  • locke * 01. Authenticating a user (createUser, authPassword, authToken) * 02. jsonp * 03. Graceful handling of invalid functions (404) * 04. Creating apps (createApp, getApps) * 05. Closing sessions (closeSession, closeAllSessions) * 06. Deleting a user (deleteUser) * 07. Updating password (updatePassword) * 08. Deleting apps (deleteApp) * 09. Forgot password (sendPasswordReset, resetPassword) * 10. Validating user (sendValidation, validateUser)
  • mocha-http Mocha utilities for writing neat tests for APIs over HTTP
  • z-underscore Underscore mixins for Z
  • plusone-mongohq Creates and destroys temporary mongohq databases
  • zee Utility library for JavaScript promises
  • locke-store-mongo A locke storage implementation for MongoDB
  • jscov JSCoverage, implemented in JavaScript
  • express-jit-coffee An express middleware to automatically compile and serve coffeescript and less files just in time.
  • buffet-brunch A brunch-plugin for adding any kind of template
  • nameify Converts an api from passing arguments by position to passing them by name
  • z-core Utility library for JavaScript promises
  • loopia-api A wrapper for https://www.loopia.se/api
  • and 45 more
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