Packages by jaridmargolin

  • backbone.filterbale A state aware query builder climbing on the back of Backbone.QueryCollection.
  • bb-customs.js Backbone binding for customs.js
  • cellar.js IndexedDB backed logging.
  • customs.js Flexible javascript validation (easy integration with Backbone).
  • drop-auth Express addon for Dropbox authentication.
  • easy-amdtest Class for quickly and easily testing AMD modules.
  • easy-grunt Convenience wrapper around grunt.registerTask.
  • endpoints.js Module for creating browser based api clients.
  • grunt-s3-site Create, manipulate, and deploy static websites to Amazon S3
  • kid Inheritance for Javascript.
  • nerox Module to automate downloading github repositories
  • perform.js Global utility for establishing, managing, and queuing actions with dependencies.
  • process-types Create reusable and configurable child_process types
  • rc-socket.js Reconnecting WebSocket.
  • s3-site Create, manipulate, and deploy static websites to Amazon S3
  • selenium-setup Package to install and start standalone selenium server (for Ubuntu)
  • stringspace.js stringspace.js [![Build Status](https://travis-ci.org/jaridmargolin/stringspace.js.png)](https://travis-ci.org/jaridmargolin/stringspace.js) ==============
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