Packages by jbilcke

  • fussy Json prediction and recommendation engine
  • cola Superfluous syntactic sugar for CoffeeScript, inspired by Scala
  • reservoirjs-math reservoir.js-math
  • evolve library for evolving source code
  • sampler Record things, play them back
  • potter Draw something in 3D space
  • tsunami-worker tsunami-worker, to be used with node-tsunami
  • thesaurus a thesaurus of english words
  • cello Simple DSL to generate simple C programs
  • simspark Node interface to SimSpark, the simulator used for the RoboCup 3D Soccer Simulation League
  • ragtime Async functions for CoffeeScript: map, reduce, and more
  • geekdaq random time-serie generator
  • petri petri
  • market Work in progress lib to simulate a market
  • penny helper properties to generate currency from numbers
  • timmy helper properties to generate milliseconds from numbers
  • cmdr command line apps made easy
  • fakir fakir
  • reservoirjs library for managing a network of functions connected together
  • tsunami-server distributed job processing for node.js - experimental beta
  • and 1 more
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