Packages by jeffz

  • air
  • airflow
  • docpad-plugin-jscexc DocPad plugin which adds the ability to apply AOT compilation to JavaScript files.
  • fancyflow
  • jeffz-a
  • jeffz-b
  • jscex The essential components for Jscex.
  • jscex-async The library to help asynchronous programming.
  • jscex-async-powerpack The powerpack for Jscex asynchronous, provides the common extensions and patterns.
  • jscex-builderbase
  • jscex-jit The JIT compiler for Jscex, providing the monadic code transformation ability without losing traditional JavaScript programming experience.
  • jscex-parser
  • jscexc The AOT compiler for Jscex
  • water
  • wind Wind.js is an advanced library which enable us to control flow with plain JavaScript for asynchronous programming (and more) without additional pre-compiling steps.
  • windc The AOT compiler for Wind.js
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