Packages by jenius

  • roots-express Roots live reload and css library for express
  • client-templates roots extension that precompiles templates for use on the client side
  • autoprefixer-stylus autoprefixer for stylus
  • cli-js cli-js ------
  • roots-browserify roots extension enabling the use of browserify
  • sprout Simple project templating
  • rupture simple media queries for stylus
  • fresher fresher checks the locally installed version of an npm library against the remote version and notifies if out of date.
  • indx require_tree for node
  • roots-static Roots is a tiny, fast, and flexible build system for static sites
  • ship multi-platform deployment with node
  • accord A unified interface for compiled languages and templates in JavaScript
  • roots-css css library built on stylus
  • axis-css css library built on stylus
  • anti-matter flexible command line documentation
  • accord-cli compile any language from the command line
  • roots roots is a toolbox for building simple, beautiful, and efficient products for the web
  • js-pipeline roots extension for handling js production builds
  • css-pipeline roots extension for handling css production builds
  • roots-util a utility for building roots extensions
  • and 5 more
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