Packages by jfirebaugh

  • assert-http HTTP test fixture helper
  • bcrypt A bcrypt library for NodeJS.
  • cfn-stack-event-stream A readable stream of CloudFormation stack events
  • chai-jquery jQuery assertions for the Chai assertion library
  • corslite xhr for browsers and ie
  • geojson2dsv shuttle geojson points into csv encoding
  • leaflet-fullscreen A fullscreen control for Leaflet
  • leaflet-osm OpenStreetMap plugin for Leaflet
  • maki Pixel-perfect icons for web cartography
  • mapbox.js mapbox javascript api
  • node-debug Quick and easy wrapper for node-inspector
  • ohauth browser oauth
  • osm-auth a usable example of javascript oauth with openstreetmap
  • osrm open source routing machine
  • pbf a protocol buffer implementation in javascript
  • polyline Polyline encoding and decoding
  • take-stream A transform stream that passes through the first n elements and discards the rest
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