Packages by jga

  • fatjs Library for grunt to build First + Third javascript libaries
  • framejax a iframe ajax library for uploading files
  • currie a simple proxy/curry function
  • cube-dashboard a dashboard for cube
  • boots twitter bootstrap cli
  • loadr a library to load modules in the broswer
  • urlmap Named routing library
  • fileup cross browser async file upload utility
  • thrive A base class that gives you event proxy, inheritance and object arguments
  • resistance a flow controller
  • grunt-multishot grunt plugin to create screenshots for multiple urls
  • dice-roll A basic A/B test library
  • grunt-hash Append a unique hash to the end of a filename for cache busting.
  • aug a library to augment objects and prototypes
  • reloadr livereload cli tool
  • dist a cli tool and library to create development and production versions for the browser
  • simple-class John Resig's simple inheritance class
  • jquery-builder jQuery Builder lets you easily build a version a custom version of jQuery without downloading the source, grabbing the submodules, installing grunt and building yourself.
  • fidel a ui view controller
  • ghpage A cli tool to generate a one page site for your project to host on github pages
  • and 40 more
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