Packages by jimkang

  • basicset-levelwrap A very basic leveldb wrapper for storing objects that belong to 'documents'.
  • basicset-shunt An operation dispatcher.
  • objob A handy object constructor creator that supports defaults, custom methods, and serialization.
  • one-at Small utility for granting a CSS class to one selected element and one element only at any given time.
  • probable Utilities for creating and using probability tables.
  • quadtreelabeler Functions that provide a consistent way to label D3 quadtree nodes and translate them to and from DOM element ids.
  • quadtreemap Functions that map the quads in D3 quadtrees to rects and maps the points as well.
  • quadtreenodereport Function that returns a readable report on the contents of a D3 quadtree node. For the browser.
  • quadtreetree Draws a D3 quadtree's internal tree to a layout tree.
  • quadtreevis Demonstrates the connection between a D3 quadtree's internals and the quads and points it describes.
  • scriptchain Helper for Chrome extensions that injects a chain of JavaScript files into a content page in sequence.
  • scrollwatcher Module that emits events when elements scroll into view.
  • strokerouter A browser-side keystroke event router.
  • svgcamera A component that lets you add zooming and panning to your SVG-based app.
  • swaptags Util for swapping one set of script <tags> out for another.
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