Packages by joakimbeng

  • exctrl Flexible controllers for express.js apps
  • generator-klei A Yeoman generator for generating awesome module or app boilerplates! MEAN-stack (all parts optional) with scalability in mind and with Grunt and Bower sweetness..
  • grunt-injector Inject references to files into other files (think scripts and stylesheets into an html file)
  • grunt-klei-migrate A gruntplugin for klei-migrate
  • gulp-angular-filesort Automatically sort AngularJS app files depending on module definitions and usage
  • gulp-conflict Check if files in stream conflict with those in target dir, with option to use new, keep old, show diff, etc.
  • gulp-inject A javascript, stylesheet and webcomponent injection plugin for Gulp, i.e. inject file references into your index.html
  • gulp-install Automatically install npm and bower packages if package.json or bower.json is found in the gulp file stream respectively
  • jiffy Make a blog in a jiffy. Jiffy is a static blog generator.
  • klei-dust A helper to use dustjs-linkedin along with express 3.*
  • klei-fs Some nice to have addons to the native node fs module
  • klei-migrate A database independent migration tool which support different migrations in different git branches
  • klei-mongodef Utilities to handle Mongoose Schema Definitions, to convert to JSON and vice versa
  • klei-rework-plugins Some nice plugins for rework the css preprocessing library
  • mongoload A small and simple Mongoose model loader/initiator
  • ng-dependencies > Analyze javascript code using [esprima]( and return a list of objects representing the module dependencies in the code.
  • rework-breakpoints Adding a nice syntax for handling media query breakpoints for different devices for rework
  • rework-calc Adding calc() support to rework
  • slush The streaming scaffolding system - Gulp as a replacement for Yeoman
  • slush-angular A slush generator for AngularJS using the Google Angular App Structure Recommendations
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