Packages by johnnyscript

  • jsynth-sync syncopator for audio scripting
  • normalize-time normalizer for time values, given a start time and duration
  • jmao JS to ArrayBuffer to JS
  • sesame-stream the instant noodle of stream types
  • fakefix turn absolute elements into fixed ones, relatively (not actually)
  • oscillators the finest javascript oscillators
  • jsynth-file-sample test audioBufferSource node for web audio API
  • numerical gives yr numbers math helpers
  • nota-bene partial clone of Node's fs module (including streams) for the browser File System API
  • mouse-around mouse hover event for elements
  • webaudio write audio streams with javascript functions in the browser
  • jynth chainable synth with smattering of effects
  • parametrical instant front end for your functions
  • jbuffers A fork of module 'buffers', by Substack. Works with TypedArrays. Treat a collection of Buffers/TypedArrays as a single contiguous partially mutable Buffer.
  • jtype measures word and font widths and heights
  • jsynth-midi time based function for reading events from midi files
  • film module for browser webcam/mic
  • set-it-off 4 quadrant position for HTML Elements
  • frequencies returns a static object of arrays of musical frequenices
  • opa command line server + browserify
  • and 35 more

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