Packages by johnyma22

  • ep_slideshow Uses headings to create real time slideshows of Etherpad documents
  • ep_wrap Option to disable line wrapping
  • ep_fintest A test plugin for Etherpad Lite
  • ep_fileupload File upload
  • ep_imageconvert Convert and cut images on the fly for download
  • ep_superscript Add support for Superscript
  • channels Event channels in node.js
  • ep_timesliderdiff See a diff view showing the changes between the latest pad and a revision
  • ep_comments_page Adds comments on sidebar and link it to the text. Support for Page View, requires ep_page_view
  • ep_cursortrace Show cursor/caret movements of other users in real time
  • ep_sticky_attributes Add support to for attributes to stick on the caret position IE pressing bold button then typing creates bold text or hitting control b then typing creates bold text. Works for underline, italic, bold
  • ep_invite_via_email Invite a user to a pad on Etherpad Lite
  • ep_metrics Console Logs the Etherpad Stats / Metrics
  • ep_real_time_chat Real time chat updates
  • ep_sociallinks Social links for Etherpad Lite
  • ep_monospace_default Make the font default to Monospace in Etherpad Lite
  • ep_set_title_on_pad Set the title on a pad in Etherpad, also includes real time updates to the UI
  • ep_mammoth Support for improved import of microsoft word doc and docx documents
  • ep_stats See pad Stats in Etherpad
  • ep_irc Adds an embedded Freenode Web chat client and autojoins to #Etherpad and #Etherpad-Lite-Dev channels
  • and 65 more
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