Packages by johnyma22

  • ep_font_family Change the font of some text
  • ep_spellcheck Add support to do 'Spell checking', with a toggle on/off option in Settings
  • ep_aa_file_menu_toolbar File / Menu style toolbar
  • ep_imageconvert Convert and cut images on the fly for download
  • ep_irc Adds an embedded Freenode Web chat client and autojoins to #Etherpad and #Etherpad-Lite-Dev channels
  • ep_monospace_default Make the font default to Monospace in Etherpad Lite
  • ep_metrics Console Logs the Etherpad Stats / Metrics
  • ep_timesliderdiff See a diff view showing the changes between the latest pad and a revision
  • ep_author_hover Adds author names to span titles (shows on hover), works as authors change their name. Hover includes author color and fast switching between author spans. Hat tip to Martyn York for the initial work on this.
  • ep_page_ruler Adds a ruler to the page so editors can indent lines. Click Settings -> Page Ruler to see the ruler
  • ep_tokbox Video conferencing and video chat in your Etherpad Lite pads powered by tokbox -- IMPORTANT: Add the following to your settings.json file -- 'ep_tokbox':{'key':'YOUR TOKBOX KEY HERE','onByDefault':'false'}
  • ep_stop_writing Tell pad users to stop writing
  • ep_mammoth Support for improved import of microsoft word doc and docx documents
  • ep_hide_referrer Don't pass the referring URL to third parties. This handles the security/privacy issue where you don't want the third party service to know your pad URL. Improves Privacy.
  • ep_fileupload File upload
  • ep_font_size Change the font size
  • ep_disable_error_messages Disable Error messages to clients
  • ep_previewimages Image previewer, paste the URL or an image or upload an image using ep_fileupload
  • ep_disable_change_author_name A plugin to stop users from being able to change their names
  • ep_real_time_chat Real time chat updates
  • and 65 more
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