Packages by jonpacker

  • augur tiny little promises, cooked to perfection.
  • brik.ipa.feed read a set of feeds and send their content to ipa
  • pohjanmaa serve and manage atomic updating of a bunch of configs
  • roat Continuous integration server
  • susebron color scheme stylus middleware
  • assert-keys assert an object has some keys
  • path-prefix-proxy add a path prefix to all of your express routes by simply proxying to them
  • disposable-seraph create a disposable neo4j-shaped box for jamming data into
  • seraph-model thin model layer for seraph/neo4j
  • format-measurement Prettify measurements to readable strings.
  • seraph A thin and familiar layer between node and neo4j's REST api.
  • save-slave-dave a crazy little fellow that watches for changes on an input component and graciously offers to save them
  • etikett an unstyled tag entry component managed by backbone
  • jquery.tap jquery.tap is a tap listener for jquery. Rather than waiting for the slow `click` listener to trigger on touch devices, it listens to touch events and triggers immediately after the touch finishes. The click event usually takes a few hundred milliseconds after this before triggering, which is a noticable delay.
  • imbibe consume a json api, minus the boilerplate
  • both ERROR: No file found!
  • tinseth Tinseth IBU formula
  • drag-listener listen to and fire a drag event on a dom element
  • yast A wrapper small and incomplete wrapper around the YAST api.
  • seraph_model thin model layer for seraph/neo4j
  • and 18 more
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