Packages by jussi-kalliokoski

  • lowlite A syntax highlighting tool written for node.js
  • watch-and-run A simple tool to watch for file changes and run commands after.
  • grunt-fixtures2js Convert your fixtures into a JS object for use in tests.
  • struct.js Structs for JS
  • script-builder A tool for building dynamic scripts.
  • restzilla A utility to proxy a bugzilla instance into a sort of RESTful JSON API.
  • progress-bar An STDOUT progress bar for NodeJS.
  • jak-docgenerator A simple doctor.js utility to convert your docs into HTML
  • audiolib audiolib.js is a powerful audio tools library for javascript.
  • btoa-atob CLI tools to convert files and stdin into and from base64.
  • grunt-pack Adds tasks to Grunt for making release packages.
  • blessings A port of python blessings.
  • asifier A tool for inspecting where ASI occurs.
  • set-immediate A shim for the setImmediate API
  • inceptionscript JS macros written with JS
  • sink.js A callback based raw audio API.
  • paramon A tool for parsing command line arguments
  • dsp A node implementation of the DSP API.
  • audiokit A toolkit of audio processing tools
  • gulp-fixtures2js Convert your fixtures into a JS object for use in tests.
  • and 4 more
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