Packages by jwalton

  • aliasify Rewrite require calls in browserify modules.
  • benbria-build This is a tool for building projects using [Ninja](http://martine.github.io/ninja/). It assumes your project follows a certain layout.
  • browser-pack-with-deps Replacement for [browser-pack](https://github.com/substack/browser-pack) which collects dependencies while doing a browserify build.
  • browserify-transform-tools Utilities for writing browserify transforms.
  • coffee-coverage JSCoverage-style instrumentation for CoffeeScript files.
  • coffee-source-map Implementation of v3 sourcemaps in coffee-script.
  • dashing-client Send stats to Dashing from node.js.
  • includify Include one file directly into another with browserify
  • timeunit Port of Doug Lea's TimeUnit Java class to JavaScript.
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