Packages by kaiquewdev

  • aya-robot Programming puzzle
  • cep Wrapper for correio control <http://cep.correiocontrol.com.br/>
  • ether Simple scaffolding tool.
  • ether-node-module Simple test of and ether module
  • fth-random Simple random module
  • generator-service-bootstrap Yeoman generator
  • gridir Make directory structure based on literal object.
  • jug Graph engine prototype.
  • kelt kelt is a simple command line interface to create template from a project and reutilize.
  • knn K-nerest neighbor using objects.
  • micro-engine Micro template engine
  • node-cep Wrapper for correio control <http://cep.correiocontrol.com.br/>
  • node-match Simple chain pattern matching library for node.js
  • skull Create sketchs of projects and re-use.
  • suck Simple crawler tree of patterns.
  • tumblr-m Unification of Tumblr API to a node.js module
  • vodevil Help you easily deal with these arrays with the genie difficult to handle.
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