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  • unused A module which reports unused variables in your code.
  • keystone-client A Node.js client for the OpenStack Keystone Identity service.
  • corrector A really simple spelling corrector module based on the levenshtein distance between words.
  • line-emitter Library for buffering chunks of data and emitting lines
  • command-parser The best command parser.
  • rackspace-shared-middleware Shared Rackspace Express middleware.
  • rate-limiter A module for rate limiting HTTP(s) requests based on the client IP address.
  • log-watcher Watches log files for changes and sends a notification if a pre-defined pattern is detected or a tracked file is deleted.
  • cassandra-client Node.js CQL driver for Apache Cassandra
  • mtr Node.js wrapper for the mtr command / tool.
  • service-registry-client Node.js client for Rackspace Service Registry.
  • elementtree XML Serialization and Parsing module based on Python's ElementTree.
  • terminal A collection of different terminal utility functions.
  • tracert Node.js wrapper for the GNU traceroute command.
  • zookeeper-client A higher-level ZooKeeper client based on node-zookeeper with support for locking and master election.
  • magic-templates Templating framework for NodeJS inspired by Django templates.
  • swiz Serialization and Validation Framework for objects in RESTful APIs
  • tryfer Port of the tryfer Twisted/Python tracing library and Zipkin client
  • service-registry-wrapper Process wrapper which allows you to register arbitrary long-running process with Rackspace Service Registry.
  • rackspace-shared-middlewares
  • and 4 more

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