Packages by killdream

  • once-upon-a-time An algebraic prelude for LiveScript (and JavaScript). Compatible with fantasy-land.
  • kalamoi A tool for generating Papyr°-compliant documentation metadata.
  • generator-library-skeleton A skeleton for folktale libraries
  • liz-language A minimal Lisp/Kernel dialect.
  • brofist-tap TAP reporter for Brofist.
  • flaw Lightweight and simple error creation in JavaScript.
  • papyr A single-page web app for visualising API references.
  • monads.future A monad for time-dependant values, providing explicit effects for delayed computations, latency, etc.
  • sug Sucks Markdown outta your source files.
  • control.monads Common monad combinators and sequencing operations.
  • hifive Your friendly minimal BDD library.
  • ekho DOM-agnostic event library + bubbling!
  • lochness Awesome logging for Node CLI apps.
  • black Provides functionality missing from JS core in pure and functional style.
  • calliope Command line interface for kalamoi/papyr documentation in JS projects.
  • aegis Asynchronous lazy streams for everynyan.
  • kyu-s IT HAD TO BE DONE!!1
  • jsk-tabs Basic behaviours for tab components in a WebPage.
  • athena Strategically gives you awesome functional combinators for an abstraction war!
  • spice No-frills string interpolation library.
  • and 73 more
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