Packages by kirbysayshi

  • ddd-jquery de-bowerified, de-amdified, de-gruntified... jQuery.
  • fnhelp Get some fn' help from your functions (parse for comments!)
  • fs-stream-websocket `fs.createReadStream` and `fs.createWriteStream` over a websocket, assumedly in a browser.
  • ghembedder Embed any source file (or specific lines) from any public github repo in your page, with no server-side dependencies.
  • obelisk-browserify Browserify-compatible fork of obelisk.js, hopefully temporary
  • obelisk.js-browserify-test JavaScript Engine for Building Pixel Isometric Element with HTML5 Canvas
  • quickserve Utility to instantly serve static content from a given directory. Useful for quickly running local examples that use AJAX in Chrome.
  • science-halt Autobind a key to HALT IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE
  • tap-browser-color A simple reporter for tap/tape that makes the body tag yellow/red/green if pending/failing/passing. Useful for live-coding environments.
  • transit-authority Define state transitions as callbacks.
  • vash Razor syntax for JS templating
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