Packages by kkaefer

  • get A slightly higher-level HTTP client for node.
  • pbf a protocol buffer implementation in javascript
  • expresso TDD framework, light-weight, fast, CI-friendly
  • carmen Mapnik vector-tile-based geocoder with support for swappable data sources.
  • compress-ds A streaming compression for node.js
  • couchstream Streams changes from a CouchDB and emits events.
  • bones-document
  • bones Framework for using backbone.js on the client and server.
  • chunkedstream Obtain lines and fixed-length buffers from an incoming stream
  • backbone-couch Backbone.js sync for CouchDB
  • tilelive-s3 tilelive-s3 ----------- Extends `node-tilejson` for using S3 as a tilejson backend.
  • carto Mapnik Stylesheet Compiler
  • vector-tile Parses vector tiles
  • mapnik Tile rendering library for node
  • bones-auth User model with password based authentication for Bones.
  • tilelive-mapnik Mapnik backend for tilelive
  • bitstream Stream bits without aligning them to byte boundaries
  • sgp Generates SuperGenPass passwords
  • tilejson Tile source backend for online tile sources
  • tilelive Frontend for various tile backends, mapnik and mbtiles
  • and 19 more
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