Packages by kumavis

  • blockly Browser-friendly Scratch-clone, Blockly! now on node
  • browser-process-hrtime Shim for process.hrtime in the browser
  • closure-interpreter Closure Interpreter ===================
  • pterodactyl node-pterodactyl ================ ![node-pterodactyl][logo]
  • rtc-data-stream convert a webRtc connection into a stream
  • set-get-wrapper Ever deal with a framework or module that requires you to use objects with a set/get API? Ever get stuck trying to use that opinionated object with an API that expects regular javascript objects? Never fear, `SetGetWrapper` is here. Create a wrapper object whose properties are bound to those of the set/get object, but can be accessed normally (some restrictions apply).
  • synced-object-store I put this together as a fun hack to experiment on top of the [Scuttlebutt family](https://github.com/dominictarr/scuttlebutt). It attempts to sync javascript objects across a distributed system, with object references intact.
  • voxel-backup Connect to a voxel-server and store the world chunks in level db
  • voxel-client multiplayer client for voxel-server
  • voxel-oculus 3D Side by Side stereo view to be used with the Oculus Rift
  • voxel-server multiplayer server for [voxel-engine](http://github.com/maxogden/voxel-engine)
  • walkietalkie multi-agent, multi-channel, duplex-emitter network
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