Packages by landau

  • buf2str Convert a buffer (or buffer accepted value) to a string.
  • callback-with Generates a function that is called with initially supplied arguments
  • date-range Generate a range of dates
  • drop-while Returns an array of the items in coll starting from the first item for which pred(item) logical false, i.e. false, null, undefined
  • fscache A caching utility that stores data as json in files
  • is-predicate A set of predicate functions to improve your value testing and comparisons.
  • key-remap Remaps a values from an object to specified keys.
  • life.react Conway's game of life rendered with reactjs
  • map-require Require a directory of modules and apply a function on module.exports
  • mapconcat Returns the result of applying concat to the result of applying a function to values.
  • mapkeep Returns an array of the non-null results of fn(item, index). This means false return values will be included.
  • merge-with Returns a map that consists of the rest of the maps transformed into the first. If a key occurs in more than one map, the mapping(s) from the latter (left-to-right) will be combined with the mapping in the result by calling `fn(val-in-result, val-in-latt
  • placesite Placesite is a small app that generates placeholder images not unlike
  • pluck-deep Pluck values of a collection given a dot separated string
  • reductions Returns an array of intermediate values of the reduction (as per reduce) of coll by fn, starting with init.
  • split-with Returns an array of [takeWhile(coll, pred), dropWhile(coll, pred)]
  • take-while Returns an array of successive items from coll while pred(item) returns true.
  • twit-cli Use twitter from the command line!
  • zipmap Returns a map with the keys mapped to the corresponding vals.

Packages Starred by landau

  • coffee-script Unfancy JavaScript
  • express Sinatra inspired web development framework
  • grunt The JavaScript Task Runner
  • is-predicate A set of predicate functions to improve your value testing and comparisons.
  • lodash A utility library delivering consistency, customization, performance, & extras.
  • q A library for promises (CommonJS/Promises/A,B,D)
  • underscore JavaScript's functional programming helper library.
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