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  • dotject Dot notation to object. Supports nesting and same level objects as well as (multiple) value assignment and value overriding.
  • froute Simple and powerful routing for node with expressive matching
  • froute-picker Picking and matching module used by froute.
  • functional.js A functional JavaScript library that facilitates currying and point-free programming
  • grunt-pause Pause the grunt task runner between tasks and choose to continue or break
  • grunt-pogo A grunt plugin to compile your PogoScript to JavaScript
  • grunt-timer Times the duration of each of your grunt tasks automatically and outputs the execution time in milliseconds to the console after each task (or optionally, at the end). It also logs the total time for all logged tasks.
  • hexo-generator-cname Github pages CNAME generator plugin for Hexo
  • hexo-generator-robotstxt Basic robots.txt generator plugin for Hexo
  • includes **WIP** - Include html files within html files with Node.js.
  • isnumeric Determine if a JavaScript object is numeric
  • realsimpleserver Spin up a real simple http server with node
  • replaceall Replace all instances in a JavaScript string

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