Packages by leichtgewicht

  • flash-build-api Various (opinionated) wrappers for binaries of the air and flex sdk
  • grunt-idea-project-builder Grunt tasks to build idea projects (oppinionated flash implementation available only).
  • gruntvention A set of helpful tools that make it easy to write grunt-convetions.
  • i18n-yaml lightweight translation module with dynamic json storage (with yaml support)
  • lab-lint Lint test to be integrated into the lab test system.
  • mapslice Slices a given image into tiles to be used for a interactive map display. (including command-line tool)
  • nodestack-express This is a simple nodejs-express site system that standardizes configuration for the specific use of express for simple, localised homepages that only use nodejs technologies.
  • say-more TTL tool to let mac speak with finer accents.

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