Packages by lloyd

  • JSONSelect CSS-like selectors for JSON
  • leery Be leery of npm, checksum the stuff you use.
  • jwcrypto JavaScript implementation of JSON Web Signatures and JSON Web Tokens, especially as needed by BrowserID.
  • browserid-verifier A node library to verify assertions
  • client-sessions secure sessions stored in cookies
  • compute-cluster Local process cluster management for distributed computation
  • awsbox A featherweight, DIY, PaaS system for deploying on NodeJS apps on Amazon's EC2
  • gobbledygook A localization debugging tool that translates strings into legible gobbledygook. In javascript.
  • toobusy Don't fall over when your Node.JS server is too busy.
  • cpusage CPU Sage provides an API for understanding a node processes memory usage from within that process.
  • lockdown Lock your node.js app to specific versions (and checksums) of dependencies.
  • connect-cachify Connect middleware to provide easy frontend caching.
  • etagify Adds ETag headers to cachable, but non-static content.
  • gcstats Get some data about how V8's GC is behaving within your node program .
  • connect-minify middleware to demand combine and minify resources
  • memwatch Keep an eye on your memory usage, and discover and isolate leaks.
  • browserid-certifier A process that creates user certificates described in the BrowserID protocol - for use in your projects
  • lynx Minimalistic StatsD client for Node.js programs
  • ass A flexible node code coverage library with multiple-process support.
  • convict Unruly configuration management for nodejs
  • and 5 more
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