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  • ChartTime Hierarchical time-series axis for charts with knockouts for holidays, weekends, and lots of other conveniences.
  • coffeedoc-lm Fork of CoffeeDoc by Larry Maccherone - an API documentation generator for CoffeeScript
  • coffeedoctest Test your documentation (code examples in markdown-formatted block comments or README.md).
  • doubly-linked-list A doubly linked list implementation in CoffeeScript.
  • fileify-lm Larry Maccherone's fork of James Halliday fileify browserify middleware
  • jsduckify Enables the use of Sencha's JSDuck for documenting CoffeeScript projects.
  • localcache Uses localStorage (or node-localstorage) to implement a Least Recently Updated cache
  • lumenize Illuminating the forest AND the trees in your data.
  • Lumenize Illuminating the forest AND the trees in your data.
  • node-localstorage A drop-in substitute for the browser native localStorage API that runs on node.js.
  • tztime Timezone transformations in the browser and node.js plus timezone precise timeline creation for charting

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