Packages by lydell

  • autoprefixer-brunch Adds autoprefixer support to brunch.
  • climap Super simple source map generation for CLI tools.
  • css-tokens A regex that tokenizes CSS.
  • hash-filename A command line tool that puts the hash of a file into its filename.
  • js-tokens A regex that tokenizes JavaScript.
  • map-replace A command line tool that applies replacements described in a JSON map to files.
  • parse-stack Parses the stack property of errors. Cross-browser.
  • resolve-url Like Node.js’ `path.resolve`/`url.resolve` for the browser.
  • simple-asyncify Turns sync functions into Node.js-style async ones.
  • source-map-concat Concatenate files with source maps.
  • source-map-dummy Creates “dummy” source maps.
  • source-map-resolve Resolve the source map and/or sources for a generated file.
  • source-map-url Tools for working with sourceMappingURL comments.
  • test-cli Test CLI applications (that are written a certain way).
  • throws Helps testing error throwing of functions.
  • urix Makes Windows-style paths more unix and URI friendly.
  • yaba Yet Another Better Assert. Shows the expression. Cross-browser.
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