Packages by maghoff

  • awsm-o AWSM-O helps you with automating AWS instances
  • logginator Creates an instance of TaggedLogger
  • nested-error An Error class useful for wrapping an exception to get a better stack trace associated with it
  • program Script for managing your directory full of programming projects
  • resource-tree A useful separation of lookup (URL parsing/routing) and resources for implementing a HTTP server.
  • roat Continuous integration server
  • seraph A thin and familiar layer between node and neo4j's REST api.
  • servinator Starts a server with a config
  • tagged-console-target A log target for Winston that expects tagged log messages
  • tagged-logger A logger frontend for Winston that attaches tags to the messages
  • winston-tagged-http-logger Sets up logging to a TaggedLogger for important http.Server events
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