Packages by marcelklehr

  • hive-worker Worker for hive.js
  • obj-to-argv Takes an object and spits out the argv/args array as libraries like optimist would expect it.
  • hive-cli Command line interface dispatch for hive.js
  • Share and edit documents in real-time. Lightweight and modular alternative to shareJS.
  • magnet A duck-typed, object-oriented, syntax-driven and potentially awesome programming language.
  • toposort Topological sort of directed ascyclic graphs (like dependecy lists)
  • hivejs Collaborating: Snap.
  • hive-config Config for hive.js
  • umbilical Bidirectional rpc over tpc for inter-process communication pruposes and other stuff.
  • ep_push2delete Displays a button that will allow anyone to fully delete the pad they're viewing.
  • hive-queue-memory In-memory queue for hive.js
  • beardless DSL-less html templating. No logic guaranteed!
  • hive-worker-pool Worker pool for hive.js
  • p2p-rpc-stream rpc streams with client/server or between peers (both sides act as client & server)
  • intervarl A variable interval. The timeout period can be changed dynamically.
  • hive-hooks Hook registry for hive.js
  • smokesignal Build your own small (or larger) peer to peer network.
  • hive-services Service management for hive.js
  • ep_infopanel Displays an info section in pad settings exposing the software used and the current git revision.
  • changesets A Changeset library incorporating an operational transformation (OT) algorithm -- for node and the browser!
  • and 1 more
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