Packages by matthewp

  • adn-api Browser-based wrapper for the API.
  • git-wrapper2 A wrapper around the git executable with convenience functions for common commands
  • grunt-steal-node Grunt task for running steal build scripts
  • gv Google Voice command line tool.
  • jspm-bower Bower endpoint for jspm
  • jspm-gist This is a gist endpoint for [jspm](
  • proc-args Processing library for command-line programs.
  • steal Gets JavaScript.
  • steal-sweet require-sweet is a [Require.js]( plugin that allows you to require [sweet.js]( dependencies into your project. This means you can leverage macros in your JavaScript on the fly, and later during your build!
  • steal-tools Development tools for Steal applications.
  • stealjs Gets JavaScript.
  • thingjs Thing is an object that aids in creating other objects.
  • wcpack Packs HTML, JavaScript, and CSS into a web component package.
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