Packages by mauricebutler

  • konami-js Multiple input support for konami code (Keyboard and Touch)
  • greyscaler Takes an image and greyscales it.
  • jayschema-error-messages Normalises the crazy error objects that get returned from JaySchema
  • gretel Follows and collects breadcrumbs accross the web
  • secure-cookies Secure Cookies implementation for Node
  • gel-minifier minifies gel files
  • route-tester Tests the the correct routes and methods are available on a route object. Also ensures no additionals
  • sassquatch A file watcher and scss compiler.
  • witchypoo Stores a unique list of domain names and their page rank at time of crawling
  • referit-node A module for integrating with Referit.
  • demo-module Basic npm module for demo purposes
  • browserifyer Automagicly browserify your scripts as you edit them.
  • keyboard-code Watches for a defined set of keyboard inputs then fires a callback
  • simple-audio Small Module to play audio using HTML audio tag
  • percy a persistence layer
  • badwords A highly consumable list of bad (profanity) english words
  • konami-keyboard Keyboard support for konami code
  • pierre A waiter module. Wait for this id to be served then run this function
  • generic-watcher generic-watcher ===============
  • simple-ajax Simple ajax module with no dependencies
  • and 9 more

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