Packages by mbostock

  • crossfilter Fast multidimensional filtering for coordinated views.
  • cube A system for analyzing time series data using MongoDB and Node.
  • cube-logplex A Cube emitter for Heroku logs.
  • cubism A JavaScript library for time series visualization.
  • d3 A small, free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data.
  • d3-geo-projection Extended geographic projections for D3.js.
  • dsv A parser and formatter for DSV (CSV and TSV) files.
  • gistup Initialize a gist from the command-line.
  • git-static Serve static files backed by Git.
  • json-write A stream-based serializer for JSON.
  • queue-async A little helper for asynchronous JavaScript.
  • rw Wrappers of fs.{read,write}File that work for /dev/std{in,out}.
  • shapefile An implementation of the shapefile (.shp) spatial data format.
  • smash Concatenate files together using import statements.
  • topojson An extension to GeoJSON that encodes topology.
  • us-atlas Roll your own TopoJSON from the National Atlas one million-scale dataset.
  • world-atlas Roll your own TopoJSON from Natural Earth.
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