Packages by mcavage

  • http-signature Reference implementation of Joyent's HTTP Signature Scheme
  • ssh-key-to-pem Convert an ssh key to PEM format
  • smartdc-auth SmartDataCenter Authentication Library
  • assert-plus Extra assertions on top of node's assert module
  • httpu HTTP over Unix Domain Sockets
  • zutil A SunOS-specific wrapper over zone.h and libzonecfg.h APIs
  • manta Manta Client API
  • zsock A small library for opening Unix Domain Sockets in Solaris Zones.
  • pathconf node binding to POSIX statvfs (file system information)
  • ldapjs LDAP client and server APIs
  • zookeeper apache zookeeper client (zookeeper async API >= 3.4.0)
  • dirsum A small library that computes checksums of directory trees
  • smartdc Client SDK and CLI for the Joyent SmartDataCenter API
  • zkplus The ZooKeeper API you always wanted
  • nfs Node.js bindings for NFS
  • nodeunit-plus An API for nodeunit that looks like node-tap
  • memorystream-mcavage This is lightweight memory stream module for node.js.
  • bunyan-syslog Syslog Stream for Bunyan
  • fast `fast` is a very small JSON over TCP messaging framework. Effectively, it lets you write RPC systems that "stream" many results back for a single message (not in the sense of a streaming JSON parser, but in the sense of many objects that are correlated). For example:
  • pooling General purpose resource pool API
  • and 9 more
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