Packages by mcwhittemore

  • chicken A command line tool that lets you run chicken scripts
  • staged-git-files get a list of staged git files and their status
  • dont-commit-conflicts.hks stop contributors from commiting conflicts
  • sunlight-congress-api A simple wrapper for the Sunlight Congress API from the Sunlight Foundation
  • hooks-config simplify interacting with the hooks.json config options
  • node-slot-car-bot Automate your Slotcar Set with Javascript
  • ejs-list-render Render a list of nested ejs templates
  • open-api An api framework that forces versioning, simplifies data validation, and automates documentation.
  • gist-pages Express meets to create an open blogging platform.
  • gist-db Treat your gist account like a database
  • ejs-layouts add layout options for ejs to frameworks
  • node-hooks An NPM for git hooks.
  • beautify.hks Beautify your javascript with each commit
  • kickstarter Get data from kickstarter
  • context-error Tell users what line really matters in the stack trace.
  • pivotal-git An integration for Git & Pivotal Tracker
  • predictor A framework to automate the process of evaluating and running prediction models
  • data-uri Create data uris of anything from anywhere.
  • npm-installer install a package as if you were npm
  • test-npm-install a module for testing the npm install command if used inside of your own module such as done in hooks
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Packages Starred by mcwhittemore

  • canvas Canvas graphics API backed by Cairo
  • ejs Embedded JavaScript templates
  • express Sinatra inspired web development framework
  • predictor A framework to automate the process of evaluating and running prediction models
  • rss RSS feed generator. A really simple API to add RSS feeds to any project.
  • rss-emitter Small library which import RSS feeds and emit upon new entries — Edit
  • webshot Easy website screenshots
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