Packages by medikoo

  • es6-weak-map ECMAScript6 WeakMap polyfill
  • mano Web application framework
  • clock Indicate and co-ordinate time events
  • bespoke-notes Notes for Bespoke.js presentations
  • es6-template-strings Compile and resolve template strings notation as specified in ES6
  • fs2 fs (file system package) extensions
  • webmake Bundle CommonJS modules into single script for web browser
  • esniff ECMAScript source code sniffer
  • es6-set ECMAScript6 Set polyfill
  • bespoke-substeps Substeps for Bespoke.js presentations
  • error-create Abstraction for creating custom JavaScript errors
  • mutable Mutable value interface
  • memoizee Complete memoize/cache solution. Works with any type and length of function arguments
  • es5-fix Fixes for incomplete ECMAScript 5 implementations
  • irc-notifier IRC email notifications (keywords/phrases mentions)
  • querystring Node's querystring module for all engines.
  • es6-iterator Iterator abstraction based on ES6 specification
  • git-branch-deploy Setup repository branch for deployment
  • deferred Modular and fast Promises implementation
  • webmake-yaml Require YAML files with Webmake
  • and 33 more

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