Packages by mercmobily

  • allhttperrors A module to create flexible, powerful Error objects based on HTTP responses
  • bookingdojo Booking Dojo, an example application build using Hotplate
  • deepobject Simple functions that allow you to assign, or read, nested object values using simple dot notation
  • eventemittercollector An implementation of EventEmitter that allows you to collect the listeners' results
  • hotplate Hotplate SaaS development framework
  • jsonreststores A module to create full Json REST stores in minutes
  • mongowrapper The simplest wrapper to the Mongodb API
  • simpledblayer Simple, generic, no fuss DB layer for NodeJS
  • simpledblayer-mongo MongoDB layer for simpledblayer
  • simpledblayer-tingo TingoDB layer for simpledblayer
  • simpledeclare A simple implementation of declare() to have Javascript (single and multiple) inheritance in a very elegant, dojo-style way
  • simpleschema The simplest, most extendible schema class you will ever come across
  • simpleschema-mongo Mongo component for the simpleschema module
  • simpleschema-tingo Tingo component for the simpleschema module
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