Packages Starred by mhaidarh

  • http-server a simple zero-configuration command-line http server
  • redis Redis client library
  • grunt-cli The grunt command line interface.
  • generator-angular-fullstack Yeoman generator for creating MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node
  • less Leaner CSS
  • lineman A grunt-based project scaffold for HTML/CSS/JS apps
  • backbone Give your JS App some Backbone with Models, Views, Collections, and Events.
  • express Sinatra inspired web development framework
  • markdown A sensible Markdown parser for javascript
  • generator-threejs A Yeoman generator for three.js projects
  • generator-mobile Mobile generator for scaffolding out a mobile-first webapp
  • n node version manager
  • ls Cleanly traverse directories in Coffeescript & Javascript
  • karma Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript.
  • yeoman The Yeoman CLI is deprecated. See for more info.
  • generator-ember Yeoman generator for Ember
  • microscope Node.js MVC framework for productive web development
  • generator-karma Yeoman generator for Karma
  • coffee-script Unfancy JavaScript
  • npm A package manager for node
  • and 23 more
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