Packages Starred by mhaidarh

  • generator-angular-fullstack Yeoman generator for creating MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node
  • generator-ember Yeoman generator for Ember
  • testem Test'em 'scripts! Javascript Unit testing made easy.
  • microscope Node.js MVC framework for productive web development
  • mocha simple, flexible, fun test framework
  • generator-angular Yeoman generator for AngularJS
  • noflo Flow-Based Programming environment for JavaScript
  • bcrypt A bcrypt library for NodeJS.
  • Real-time apps made cross-browser & easy with a WebSocket-like API
  • less Leaner CSS
  • npm A package manager for node
  • underscore JavaScript's functional programming helper library.
  • jshint Static analysis tool for JavaScript
  • soundscrape SoundCloud command line downloader
  • request Simplified HTTP request client.
  • bower The browser package manager.
  • browserify browser-side require() the node way
  • stylus Robust, expressive, and feature-rich CSS superset
  • http-server a simple zero-configuration command-line http server
  • yeoman The Yeoman CLI is deprecated. See for more info.
  • and 23 more
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