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  • get-image-data A browser/server utility that extracts RGBA data from images.
  • facer A browser utility that takes a list of font files and returns @font-face declarations for said fonts.
  • full-url A function that returns the full URL of a request, including the scheme and host.
  • pieces A utility that takes a file and generates a collection of SHA1 hashes suitable for use in BitTorrent files.
  • collapse-array A simple utility for collapsing single-element arrays.
  • stream-mixin A classic-stream mixin for browser code.
  • wqst A command-line utility that spawns web servers to render text files from the working directory.
  • scroll A function that animates an element’s scrollTop/scrollLeft values.
  • arp-table Provides basic cross-platform access to system ARP tables.
  • svg-path-shapes Turns an SVG path into an array of its shapes.
  • normalize-event A function that provides basic DOM Event support in IE8 and below.
  • parse-ipv4 A through stream that loosely parses out IPv4 addresses.
  • rst A readable stream that produces a random alphanumeric string of a given size.
  • value-jiggle Randomly changes values within a given threshold.
  • history-state Allows you to monitor and make changes to a page’s history state.
  • whiches A streaming wrapper around isaac’s “which” that adds support for arrays of executables.
  • css-combine A module that combines CSS files by resolving @import directives.
  • ipv4-range Takes an IPv4 address and a number, and returns an array of surrounding addresses.
  • mkdom Convert HTML into DOM elements in the browser and on the server.
  • piece-length Finds the optimal piece length for a given number of bytes.
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