Packages by michaelrhodes

  • huey A little utility that finds the dominant colour of an image and returns it as an RGB array.
  • mkdom Convert HTML into DOM elements in the browser and on the server.
  • stream-mixin A classic-stream mixin for browser code.
  • text-content A cross-browser function for getting and setting the text value of a DOM element.
  • can-route A simple regexp router that runs inside a `http.createServer` handler and returns false when it can’t route a request.
  • translate-svg-path Translates the position of an SVG path against its X/Y coordinates.
  • get-image-data A browser/server utility that extracts RGBA data from images.
  • scroll A function that animates an element’s scrollTop/scrollLeft values.
  • pieces A utility that takes a file and generates a collection of SHA1 hashes suitable for use in BitTorrent files.
  • parse-ipv4 A through stream that loosely parses out IPv4 addresses.
  • feed-discover A module for automatic RSS/Atom feed discovery.
  • full-url A function that returns the full URL of a request, including the scheme and host.
  • concat-regexp A function that takes a series of regular expressions and returns them in concatenated form.
  • scuttler Automatic network communication
  • pipedown A transform stream wrapper around the “marked” markdown parser/compiler.
  • changeling A readable stream that watches a file for changes and then outputs its contents.
  • scale-svg-path Scales an SVG path along its X/Y axes.
  • ipv4-range Takes an IPv4 address and a number, and returns an array of surrounding addresses.
  • arpulate A utility that populates the system ARP table by pinging a range of surrounding IP addresses.
  • arp-table Provides basic cross-platform access to system ARP tables.
  • and 19 more
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