Packages by mmalecki

  • lamassu-server bitcoin atm client server protocol module
  • http-console2 Speak HTTP like a native
  • lamassu-bitstamp Lamassu Bitstamp ticker and trader
  • select-keys Select object keys
  • blacksmith-sites A collection of starter blacksmith sites
  • santa Deploying to the cloud with your flying sleigh.
  • forza A lightweight agent for Godot
  • hock A mocking server for HTTP requests
  • studify Easily put your node server behind `stud` SSL terminator
  • primus-cat `cat` for Primus
  • pkgcloud An infrastructure-as-a-service agnostic cloud library for node.js
  • nconf Hierarchical node.js configuration with files, environment variables, command-line arguments, and atomic object merging.
  • primus-redis-rooms Redis-based room system for Primus
  • pma Package manager abstractor
  • ws-proxy WebSocket proxy using super fast `ws` module
  • solenoid Jump start an application. `solenoid` is a binary script that does the following:
  • object-map-to-array Map an object to an array
  • limit-calls Limit number of parallel calls to an asynchronous function
  • winston-nssocket nssocket transport for winston
  • json-stream New line-delimeted JSON parser with a stream interface
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Packages Starred by mmalecki

  • aeternum A process monitor in libuv
  • forza A lightweight agent for Godot
  • marked A markdown parser built for speed
  • nock HTTP Server mocking for Node.js
  • primus Primus is a simple abstraction around real-time frameworks. It allows you to easily switch between different frameworks without any code changes.
  • quill A realtime git backed blogging engine for node.js
  • solenoid Jump start an application. `solenoid` is a binary script that does the following:
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