Packages by mmalecki

  • bender-crdt The CRDT part of Bender
  • evproxy Proxy events between `EventEmitter`s
  • lsb-release Parser for `lsb_release` command output
  • baton An orchestration tool powered by conservatory
  • interface to say.js
  • elasticstream elasticsearch streaming indexer
  • mustache-ref Logic-less {{mustache}} templates with JavaScript with key references
  • forever A simple CLI tool for ensuring that a given node script runs continuously (i.e. forever)
  • primus-cat `cat` for Primus
  • vows Asynchronous BDD & continuous integration for node.js
  • killer It makes sure that your processes are dead.
  • lamassu-bitstamp Lamassu Bitstamp ticker and trader
  • quill-cli Flawless configuration of your cloud
  • json-stream New line-delimeted JSON parser with a stream interface
  • object-map-to-array Map an object to an array
  • ansispan Change your ANSI color codes into HTML `<span>`s
  • bender-api API for Bender
  • quill-template Reusable templating and environment logic for applying configuration to system.json packages.
  • buffered Buffered stream
  • wtfos More accurate OS recognition
  • and 106 more

Packages Starred by mmalecki

  • aeternum A process monitor in libuv
  • forza A lightweight agent for Godot
  • marked A markdown parser built for speed
  • nock HTTP Server mocking for Node.js
  • primus Primus is a simple abstraction around real-time frameworks. It allows you to easily switch between different frameworks without any code changes.
  • quill A realtime git backed blogging engine for node.js
  • solenoid Jump start an application. `solenoid` is a binary script that does the following:
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