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  • json-filter Match an object against a filter
  • adsr Attack, decay, sustain, release envelope for automating Web Audio API AudioParams.
  • soundbank-multi Repeat template descriptor for every item in input array, replacing placeholder with current item.
  • midi-stream Duplex stream wrapper around 'midi' module
  • level-match-index Index and filter LevelDB databases and watch for future changes.
  • realtime-templates Render views on the server (using standard HTML markup) that the browser can update in realtime when the original data changes.
  • level-match-map Index your database objects in the way they will be rendered. Follows the JSON Context matcher pattern. Datasources generated from matchers, then watch for realtime changes.
  • contextdb Use json-context with leveldb. Contexts are automatically generated from matchers, and provides ability to watch matchers for realtime notifications.
  • notevil Evalulate javascript like the built-in eval() method but safely
  • audio-meddle Route Web Audio API audio nodes through schedulable chains of processor nodes.
  • css-transition Animate between DOM style changes using css transitions
  • bopper Provides a streaming clock source for scheduling Web Audio events rhythmically
  • beforesort Sort an item in a collection relative to other items based on it's before/after attribute
  • become Transform target DOM elements to become incoming HTML
  • tap-tempo Estimates BPM from tap events
  • soundbank A collection of triggerable Web Audio API audio slots, supporting audio routing, midi input and value providers.
  • json-query Retrieves values from JSON objects for data binding. Offers params, nested queries, deep queries, custom reduce/filter functions and simple boolean logic. Browserify compatible.
  • dom-morph Smoothly animate a DOM element swap from one to another.
  • wave-file-stream PCM Wave File stream for Node and Web FileSystem API
  • soundbank-dipper A global side-chain compressor for the Web Audio API. Modulate the amplitude of AudioNodes based on the amplitude of other AudioNodes.
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Packages Starred by mmckegg

  • browserify browser-side require() the node way
  • gesundheit Concise SQL generation for Postgres and MySQL
  • mysql A node.js driver for mysql. It is written in JavaScript, does not require compiling, and is 100% MIT licensed.
  • sax An evented streaming XML parser in JavaScript
  • split split a Text Stream into a Line Stream
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