Packages by mrgalaxy

  • bootstrap-package-manager A simple command line interface for installing and compiling Twitter Bootstrap.
  • crafty
  • dee Dee is a reactive library that makes changing Backbone data easy to deal with.
  • directory-doctor Self-contained directory management library.
  • earp Simple Handlebars Theme Management for Node.js
  • elophant Library for connecting to Elophant's API and Riot's League of Legends game data.
  • happy-load Improves loading screen morale.
  • impurge-remix turn imgur urls into image urls
  • infinite Dead simple file system caching for Node.js.
  • json-toolkit A simple library to do extensive things with JSON.
  • legends A tiny League of Legends API library for Node.js and browsers.
  • simple-text-parser A dead simple, customizable plain text parser.
  • terminal-chat A simple chat client/server run in the terminal and powered by
  • web-js
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