Packages by muji

  • thor-hammer WebSocket benchmark utility with primus, support
  • odin-ws WebSocket benchmark utility
  • cli-command Command execution for cli programs
  • cli-lipsum Canonical example for the command module
  • mds Serves markdown documents as express routes
  • cli-util Utility functions for the cli toolkit
  • ttycolor Terminal colors that respect whether a stream is a tty
  • async-validate Asynchronous validation for object properties.
  • cli-logger Logger implementation for command line interfaces
  • cli-locale Utilities for working with LC environment variables
  • cli-error Unified error handling for command line interfaces
  • cli-manpage Man page generation tool
  • strike Modular bash using require(3) for *NIX systems
  • cli-define Chainable argument builder for a command line interface
  • restify-oauth2-cc OAuth 2 client credentials flow endpoint for restify
  • xpm Cross-platform package manager
  • hostfile Hosts database manager for *NIX systems
  • typepress-cli Markdown ebook template, converter and generator
  • cli-interface Interface to decouple executables from library code
  • sassy Themes for sass
  • and 18 more
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