Packages by natevw

  • chargify Easy integration with Chargify for adding recurring payments to your application.
  • cookie-signature Sign and unsign cookies
  • ddoc require() a traditional couchapp into your node code
  • fermata Succinct native REST client, for client-side web apps and node.js. Turns URLs into magic JavaScript objects. Supports JSON, CouchDB, OAuth 1.0a, form uploads and more!
  • flatstache Simple string template expansion using curly Mustache braces
  • linepost Reads stdin and posts each line to the provided URL (preferrably CouchDB but who am I to judge)
  • luseragent Human-friendly user agent information
  • memcouch tiny in-memory CouchDB wannabe
  • nrf nRF24L01 driver library
  • pi-pins GPIO (with interrupts) for embedded Linux machines like Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone
  • pi-spi Simple async SPI library for Raspberry Pi
  • rf24 Well-behaved async wrapper around C++ RF24 library. Control nRF24L01+ wireless radio communications from a server with SPI/GPIO ports (e.g. Raspberry Pi)
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