Packages by nathan7

  • chemdata constructs Chemical objects from data from external sources
  • winston-irc an IRC transport for Winston
  • gchempaint2json convert gchempaint files to a JSON representation
  • damka server monitor
  • promize create fulfilled and rejected promises
  • sproot spritesheet generator
  • ircb IRC library which *I* like
  • crazy-promise A promise that resolves with random delays for testing purposes.
  • dotjs-zen dotjs. browserify. awesome!
  • dot-util dot('x') ~= function(obj) { return obj.x }
  • readable make buffers into something you can slice bytes off at will, for when a stream is too much.
  • objzip zip keys and values together into objects.
  • force-secure force HTTPS connections to your app
  • gossip-object replicate an object with scuttlebutt
  • gotp simple RFC4226 TOTP
  • wob minimalist http server wrapper
  • cheerful the composition of cheerio and hyperquestionable
  • lessdep figure out (LESS) CSS dependencies recursively, asynchronously.
  • concur lightweight generator/promise utility
  • listen-url tells you the URL for your HTTP server
  • and 64 more

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