Packages by nathansobo

  • atomic-model A reactive model toolkit.
  • deferred-require A require function that defers actual reads until the first use of the required object
  • telepath A conflict-free replicated object library.
  • emissary Utility mixins for subscribing to and emitting events.
  • custom-object Override object's methods without harmony proxy
  • biscotto A CoffeeScript documentation generator.
  • legal-eagle A tool for listing the licenses of all dependencies of a node module
  • scrollbar-style A package for detecting whether the scrollbar style is overlay or legacy
  • television A minimalist framework for binding reactive views to observable models
  • space-pencil SpacePen minus jQuery
  • nostalgia A mixin for making serializable objects
  • atom-keymap Atom's DOM-aware keymap module
  • property-accessors A mixin for declaring property accessors
  • span-skip-list A data structure for calculating running totals in multiple dimensions in O(ln(n)).
  • clear-cut Calculate specificity of CSS selectors
  • ns-tantamount Is equal utility
  • reactionary React helpers for CoffeeScript.
  • loophole A hack to enable use of libraries that depend on a basic form of eval in Atom
  • serializable A mixin for making serializable objects
  • space-pen Write markup on the final frontier
  • and 12 more
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