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  • primus-cluster Scale Primus across multiple servers.
  • black-pearl Metrics collector that push metrics to Elastic Search + Kibana.
  • angular-draganddrop Drag and drop directives for Angular using native HTML5 API.
  • stream-line-wrapper Wrap each lines of a stream with a prefix, suffix or a custom function.
  • handlebars-md5 Handlebars MD5 helper.
  • connect-html-minifier HTML minifier middleware for connect.
  • node-taskman node-taskman is a node.js implementation of taskman worker. Taskman is a worker system that can be piloted directly in redis.
  • grunt-shipit Deployment using grunt.
  • express-err Basic error handler for express.
  • funny-status Check NPM and GitHub status with sound.
  • node-oss-client Node.js client for Open Search Server.
  • bower-registry Simple bower registry using node and redis.
  • push-notify Easily send notifications over multiple protocols.
  • oss-odm Object document mapper for Open Search Server.
  • locky User / resource locking system.
  • cachou Simple and fast cache module based on redis.
  • ua-semver Check user-agent with semver syntax.
  • apns APNS (Apple Push Notification Service) interface written in node.js
  • hulkster Command line utility to compile hogan.js templates
  • bobun Backbone UI oriented library.
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